Online Fourth Trimester Workshop is coming. Please visit The Baby Bag for Lactation Bars. Stay inside. Save lives. X


Lila Jasmine Lactation Bars are currently exclusive to just two stores;

  1. Little Mash which for transparency is also owned by us. Lila Jasmine resides within her at 320 Barton Street, Hamilton. It's where you will find me Monday - Wednesday if you'd like to pop by for a chat! 
  2. The Baby Bag was the only place we wanted our bars stocked when we launched Lila Jasmine in 2019 so can you imagine our excitement when the darling Jessie of The Baby Bag reached out. The Baby Bag can be likened to online grocery shopping delivered to your door - but replace grocery with everything you need for baby & mum. I've used this service personally & it's a 10 outta 10 from me