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“These are the most delicious lactation aid around. The apricot are my absolute favorite. I’ll be ordering more that’s fore sure!”

Sarah Johnstone on Aug 12, 2020

Super tasty bars that go well with a cup of tea/coffee. Love the blend of flavours and how tasty the apple crumble flavour is - reminds me of baking my Nana use to bake! Such a practical wee bar that tastes delicious and actually works to boost my supply. A must try/buy for any breast feeding māmā.

Lauren Hannan on Jun 17, 2020

These bars are absolutely delicious I’m a huge apple crumble fan and these certainly don’t disappoint. As a breast feeding mum to a 2 monther I’ve found they have definately increased the milk supply. They arrive super fast we are rural delivery and receive them in 1 day. Reccomend +++ nutritious and delicious, can’t get enough. Xxxx

Gracie on Feb 10, 2020