12 for $41.99 [save $12] + here for a good time not a long time. Let our whoopsie line your pantry, nappy caddy, baby bag + glovebox. These OH-DAIRY! Apricot + Chocolate bars were accidentally made with Chocolate containing milk products... whoops!
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"So good! Helped me increase my supply while pumping going from 20mls to 120mls within a couple of days! Helped a stressful mama enjoy breastfeeding again. I’ll be forever grateful"

Emma on June 17th 2022

"My partner and I attended this workshop and absolutely loved it. The session was honest, practical and informative - really inclusive too, and open minded. We got a lot more out of two hours with Renata than eight hours of antenatal classes, so we feel really lucky to have found out about this workshop. Renata explains things really clearly - great structure to the workshop, and she has a very personable and inclusive presentation style that makes it really easy to digest and remember lots of important info. Great sense of humour too. She also provides an excellent workbook with all of the information from her slides so you can take notes and have everything you learned available when pēpi arrives. Awesome snacks too. Thanks so much Renata, we are so appreciative"

Mothla on 27th April 2022

"I’ve tried every flavour and I can say a big YES to all but, this berry + white choc is chef's kiss, my new favourite! Looking forward to crumbling it over more pancakes, chia puddings and yogurt. I love having these bars handy when I feel my supply needs a boost, they really are the business"

Mihi on June 14th 2022