Lila Jasmine is here to nourish both the minds & bodies of mothers & babies. Our lactation bars are lovingly hand made to taste like they came straight from grandma’s kitchen. They’re full of powerhouse ingredients like chia seeds & galactagogues such as Brewers Yeast & Steel Cut Oats that are traditionally used to improve breast milk production. The bars are intentionally individually wrapped so that you can eat them on the go, put them in your handbag & in desperate situations feed them to your hungry children & husband!

Our fourth trimester workshop run by owner Renata Lardelli - wife, mum to three boys, nurse & midwife believes that the fourth trimester is the most important but most overlooked trimester. The content for this workshop has been built around your responses, it is what hundreds of mothers wish they'd known as  they entered motherhood. X

ONLINE Fourth Trimester Workshop

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Our Lactation Bars