Do the bars actually work?

You tell me that they do! Our bars are full of galactagogues which are ingredients traditionally used to increase breast milk supply but we make no promises that these will improve your supply - after all, we're all different. However, I do promise to bake you a delicious lactation bar [NZ's ONLY lactation bar] that we believe is superior to all others & what's more is you don't have to be lactating to eat it, it's a great snack for mums who aren't breastfeeding, supportive dads & helpful siblings

How many bars should I eat?

I don't recommend eating more than 1 in a day & think 1 every other day is a good place to start

Do I have to be breastfeeding to eat them?

Heck no - both Jeremy & I eat them & neither of us started to lactate. What's great about these is they make a great snack for anyone - mums, dads, children, even grandparents. When we formulated these bars the brief was;

  • They MUST taste great &
  • Anyone MUST be able to eat them

We know we have achieved that & that you'll love them as much as we do & the customers before you. Click HERE to read customer reviews

Do the bars have an expiry date?

Yes - all bars are stamped with a best before date. They currently have a 6 month shelf life from the date of production but I bet they won't last that long!

Where can I purchase the bars?

Lila Jasmine Lactation bars are currently available at a handful of retailers, our STOCKISTS page has all the details