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I am a soon to be mum and had the opportunity to attend the Fourth Trimester workshop with Renata and absolutely loved it! The workshops were extremely informative but not overwhelming and put my mind at ease with so many things I was worried about. The environment was great being surrounded with other expectant mums who also shared a few of their experiences and tips. I couldn't recommend this workshop more for any expectant mum! I now feel so much more prepared, excited and ready for my little Bub to arrive! Thank you Renata! x - Amber C - Fourth Trimester Workshop

A beautifully curated workshop that has left me equipped and empowered as I entered into motherhood. Renata packed the two sessions with real, raw and practical advice that I would otherwise be left to figure out for myself and has eased all the anticipation of the unknown. Recommend this workshop to all mums-to-be!! - Hayley D, Fourth Trimester Workshop

Delish, not sure how to stop eating them is all. Great milk supply booster. - Raewyn B, 6 Bar Apricot Box Set

Delicious and nutritious, my kind of food. I hide them in my car as they are too good to share, they also are the perfect on the go food to boost my milk supply when I forget to eat. Thank you! X - Katie P, 6 Bar Apricot Box Set

I’m a first time mother and I struggled with a solid milk supply. These bars not only taste great but they work a charm. I would highly recommend them. - Kathleen G, 6 Bar Apricot Box Set

These two sessions were definitely amazing. They were by far, the most valuable and informative than a lot of the information and classes that I'd attended throughout pregnancy. The hands-on knowledge as a Mum, coupled with experience as a midwife, and the backing of research made this course a must-do. I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice. - Gina W, Fourth Trimester Workshop

These bars were not only super delicious I noticed an increase in my milk supply after eating just one bar! - Rebecca, 6 Bar Apricot Box Set

So tasty and delicious!! No compromise on flavour. These really are very good! - Emma M, Apple Lactation Bar

My best friend recommended that I attended this workshop and man I’m soooo glad I did!!! This is my second baby but it was still so helpful and I learnt new things (even after already having a child and learning the hard way).. I wish something like this was around for my first child, then it would’ve made it that little bit easier my first time round.. not only that it’s so good to get out of the house and meet other mums, see how they do things and finding what works for you and your little bubba.. not gonna lie I’ll probably be back in the future if I have any more children. - Hailey M, Fourth Trimester Workshop