What is a galactagogue?

What is a galactagogue?

Pronounced 'gah-lack-ta-gog' galactagogues are foods, herbs or medications that promote or increase breastmilk supply. Our milk support lactation bars are made from ingredients you know, ingredients traditionally known to boost breastmilk supply - they're nutritious too, giving you the extra calories you need and deserve. Here's what you'll find in our lactations bars;

  • Oats, flour, margarine, golden syrup, chia seeds, linseed, brewers yeast
  • And depending on the flavour dried fruit, coconut oil + chocolate [dark or white]

I can almost promise that at some point you will wonder if you have too little milk, it's such a common worry for new mothers. In my midwifery experience the doubt sneaks in when the cluster feeding begins or when your breasts feel "empty". Empty breasts isn't a reliable indicator of low breast milk production, the best indicators that you're making enough milk are - your baby is feeding frequently, there are signs of swallowing, your baby is putting on good amounts of weight, your baby is having lots of wet + dirty nappies + your baby is content. If your baby isn't achieving these indicators then I recommend discussing your concern with your LMC, Well Child Provider, GP or schedule a consult with a lactation consultant.

 What we know is that breastfeeding is largely founded on supply + demand, the more your baby feeds, the more breastmilk you will make. There are numerous factors that can diminish supply - positioning is usually the main culprit but stress, anatomy, supplemental feeds, scheduling feeds + a deterioration in mental health are other causes. If you're finding you have a low supply here are some tips to help increase it;

  • Frequent feeding - aim for at least 3 hourly
  • Switch nursing - this is when you alternate multiple times during a feed
  • Power pumping - a technique where you pump after a feed for set times
  • Galactagogues -foods or ingredients used to boost supply, our bars!
  • Medication - prescribed by a GP to increase your supply

Keep being amazing + talk again soon,

Ren. X