5 ways to increase your breastmilk supply?

5 ways to increase your breastmilk supply?

Not having enough breastmilk is a very real concern for new mothers + if you're having difficulty establishing a plentiful milk supply for your baby there is hope - let me share with you 5 simple tips to increasing your milk supply. But first, how do you know if your supply is low? This is a complex question to answer on the world wide web, instead lets look at how you know your baby is getting enough milk at the breast.

  1. Your newborn baby is feeding frequently, somewhere between 8-12 times in 24 hours
  2. You can see + hear your baby swallowing at the breast
  3. Your baby is having good weight gain each week, roughly expected at 150-250g a week + to double birth weight by about 4 months old
  4. Your baby is having lots of wet + dirty nappies, approximately 2-4 wet + 2-4 dirty nappies a day is considered normal
  5. If you have a content baby then you can be reassured by that characteristic

What we know is that breastfeeding is largely founded on supply + demand, the more your baby feeds, the more breastmilk you will make. There are numerous factors that can diminish supply - positioning is usually the main culprit but stress, anatomy, supplemental feeds, scheduling feeds + a deterioration in mental health are other causes. If you're finding you have a low supply here are some tips to help increase it;

  • Frequent feeding - aim for at least 3 hourly
  • Switch nursing - this is when you alternate multiple times during a feed
  • Power pumping - a technique where you pump after a feed for set times
  • Galactagogues -foods or ingredients used to boost supply, our bars!
  • Medication - prescribed by a GP to increase your supply

Lila Jasmine lactation bars were made by me [Ren - a Nurse, Midwife + Mum] for you, to support optimal breast milk productions while breastfeeding. Specially formulated with ingredients traditionally used for their galactagogue properties - steel cut oats, brewers yeast + chia seeds are the hero building blocks here. Individually wrapped for your convenience so you can eat at home or on-the-go.

  • Encourages optimal breast milk supply
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  • 1 bar every other day is often enough
  • Individually wrapped for your convenience
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Image by Tash Stokes of Black Robin Photography