Online fourth trimester workshop by Lila Jasmine, facilitate by Renata Lardelli

ONLINE Fourth Trimester Workshop

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This online workshop gives you practical information to assist you in navigating motherhood. It's full of information that you need to know & what thousands of women before you wished they'd known. It takes 2-3 hours to complete but the best part is you can do it at your own pace, pause when you want & revisit anytime in 90 days. The best time to take this workshop is while you're still pregnant, your third trimester is an ideal time but there is also NO harm in coming along once your baby is here or even if you've had a baby before. Here's what is covered;

So, you're having a baby!

  • The first few hours + adjusting to your new life
  • Feeding your baby
  • Safe sleep
  • Is this normal - commonly asked questions for baby

And, what about me?!

  • The baby blues & PND
  • Your pelvic floor
  • Healthy relationships & patenting styles
  • Your postnatal body

Also included;

  • 1 FREE box of our Lactation Bars, you pay the postage
  • Resources to guide you on your way including interviews from Sport & Exercise experts, a Sleep Consultant, a Women's Health Physiotherapist & a family Chiropractor

Other important details;

  • On purchase of the workshop you will be sent a second email that will link you to our learning platform so you can begin the workshop
  • You will be sent a unique code to purchase our lactation bars 

    Disclaimer - All information provided is for informational purposes only & is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical advice. If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of your baby or yourself please consult with an appropriately qualified health professional. Non-refundable

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