Online Fourth Trimester Workshop

Online Fourth Trimester Workshop

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Birth is typically only one day [sometimes it's so fast it happens at home or in the car], yet we spend our entire pregnancies preparing for it - I encourage you to prepare yourself for the fourth trimester too!  This is first three months of new life with your baby, a crucial part of the journey that we DEEPLY underprepared for. This workshop gives you practical information, it builds the firm foundation you need as you find your footing in matrescence - your transition from woman to mother. This workshop what you need to know & what countless women before you wished they'd known! 

What's included;

  • 10 sessions that help you build the foundations of your motherhood
  • Mixed media of video & written content to suit all learning types
  • 120 days unlimited access, complete the workshop at your pace
  • A complimentary bundle of lactation bars, you pay shipping
  • Bonus information from experts in their field - a physiotherapist, sleep consultant, nutritionist, chiropractor & more!

Topics covered;

  1. The first few hours + adjusting to new life
  2. Feeding your baby [breast, bottle, expressing]
  3. Safe sleep 
  4. Newborn FAQ's
  5. The baby blues & PND
  6. Your pelvic floor
  7. Postpartum Nutrition
  8. Your postnatal body
  9. Relationships & parenting
  10. Bonus information & resources including 2 e-books

      Disclaimer - All information provided is for informational purposes only & is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical advice. If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of your baby or yourself please consult with an appropriately qualified health professional. Non-refundable

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