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The fourth trimester is the most important but most forgotten trimester, prepare yourself as you find your footing in your motherhood journey.

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We know that it’s not always practical to attend our fourth trimester workshop in person which is precisely why we’ve created an online version of our much loved workshop. Now you can complete the workshop at a time that works for you, in the comfort of your own home + at a pace that suits you. It’s all the some content but with the ability to re-watch material with your 120 day unlimited access. The workshop is offered in mixed media made up video + written content to suit all learn types – watch, listen or read.

Hosted by founder Renata Lardelli, a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife + mother to three boys. Renata has worked in healthcare since 2008 + believes the fourth trimester to be the most important but most neglected trimester, women enter it deeply underprepared for the realities of motherhood. Renata is passionate about better preparing women as they find their footing in their motherhood journey, her workshop has been dubbed "motherhood secrets", it’s practical advice, it’s everything you need to know in preparation for bringing your new baby home

  1. The first few hours + adjusting to new life
  2. Feeding your baby [breast, bottle + expressing]
  3. Safe sleep
  4. Newborn FAQ's
  5. The baby blues + PND
  6. Your pelvic floor
  7. Postpartum Nutrition
  8. Your postnatal body
  9. Relationships & parenting
  10. Bonus information + resources from experts in their field including 2 e-books
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Includes a complimentary box of our Milk Support Lactation Bars [NZ + Australian residents only]
A storewide discount code for Little Mash Boutique, a store owned + operated by workshop founder Renata Lardelli

  • Once you have purchased the online workshop you will be sent a welcome email to our learning platform + can begin accessing the workshop content. Access to the platform is valid for 120 days from date of purchase
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  • Your unique storewide discount code for Little Mash Boutique can be found within the online workshop, happy shopping!
  • Disclaimer - All information provided is for informational purposes only & is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical advice. If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of your baby or yourself please consult with an appropriately qualified health professional. This workshop is non-refundable.