What exactly is the Fourth Trimester?

It's been FOUR months to the day since I last penned a blog - I apologise for the inconsistency but 2020 is zooming us by, did you know that there are only 14 weeks until Christmas? Digression! As a small business owner a lot of my brain space and thoughts are occupied with this narrative - what is my purpose here, what am I trying to do, am I on the right track, am I helping anyone, am I doing a good enough job??? It's on closed loop, repeating over and over again.

So, I've come back to it's core and we're here to nourish your body and your mind [cue our lactation bars and fourth trimester education] but what exactly is the fourth trimester you might have wondered. My mum thought I coined that term myself, I most certainly did not. It's not a new concept but it is slow to catch on. Antenatal classes are necessary for some women but I'd argue preparing for your transition from woman to mother might be more necessary. The scale is deeply uneven weighing heavily towards pregnancy and birth education and I'm here to balance the scales!

The fourth trimester is the first 3 months of life with your new baby and matrescence defined is your transition from woman to mother. My Fourth Trimester Workshop is designed to help you find your footing in your motherness - it's practical with you at it's forefront. 

When I had our first baby Eli in 2010 I was 22 years old, a paediatric nurse and a first year midwifery student who naievely thought she had a clue. I had an elective Caesarean section for a large ovarian cyst that was obstructing the birth canal and at midday on January 12th we were handed our newborn baby, Jeremy & I looked at each other & in unison muttered - what on earth do we do now?! Eventually you find your way but wouldn't it be lovely to have a bit of a heads up, a bit of empowerment and reassurance?! Here's what some of our previous participants have to say about the workshop;



You can learn more about your Fourth Trimester Workshop HERE and I don't want it to be another fourth months until my next blog post - would you be interested in submitting your fourth trimester story?

Ren. X

Image has been used with permission from Anna Brook - thank you Anna!