How to choose the best cot for YOU!

When I was pregnant with our boys now ages 10, 4 & 3 (that's making me feel old) I'd spend ages trawling the worldwide web planning out a nursery space for them. I call it a 'nursery space' because they always start off in our bedroom, right beside me. Can I confess something though - the little snuffly noises they make when they sleep drive me bonkers. I don't find it very cute. I guess you're about to find out!

I'm not a very patient person so I was always very pleased when the sonographer could tell me what gender the baby was because this meant I could get into planning aka SHOPPING!!! For transparency if you didn't know Jeremy (my husband) & I also own Little Mash a boutique for babies, children & mothers & we're tickled pink to be stocking Babyhood, so without further adieu meet the Scandinavian inspired brand bringing you modern day necessities for your nursery. Babyhood is sleek and stylish but their convenient features are the showstopper especially those allowing the cot to adapt as baby grows.

Little Mash has eight Babyhood sleep solutions on offer & it's really hard for me to choose a favourite, I think it's the Kaylula in Sova but I've compiled a 3-step guide that will help you decide which cot is best for you!

  1. COT OR BASSINET - While cots can be used from birth babies look so very tiny in a big cot & the majority of parents choose to purchase a bassinet for their baby. They're ideal for newborns until about the age of 6 months old & part of their beauty is their size & that they can be moved around the house. We've used a Moses Basket & a wahakura with our boys but this co-sleeper looks magical! Bassinets are great for if your baby is sleeping in your room as they take much less space than a cot. I'm personally a fan of having both a bassinet & a cot - I loved the portability of a bassinet in those early days, the ability to bring the baby to the lounge, take a nap together on my bed or pack it in the boot of the care for a weekend away
  2. COT FEATURES - If you opted for a bassinet you probably won't need a cot until your baby is close to 6 months old but if you're anything like me you'll want it much sooner than that so you can set you your nursery. They're a big ticket item so I think it's essential that the cot has an adjustable base & conversion capabilities. You want a cot that can be used at different heights, this makes it much easier to lift your baby in and out as they grow remembering tho lower the cot once your baby is old enough to pull themselves up.  You'll also want a cot that gives you the options of a bassinet, toddler bed and more. These options allow the cot to grow with your child giving you years use & bang for your buck. Often one cot will server all your children & maybe even your grandchildren so choose something you love
  3. SAFETY - All cots (including second-hand) must meet the safety standard AS/NZS 2172:2003. It's also essential that cot mattresses fit well, there mustn't be gaps as these can pose as a suffocation risk so always double check that you have purchased the right sized mattress for your cot

Babyhood Cots available at Little Mash

[Image by Katie Hillary]

Have fun planning it all out - I have an appreciation of how exciting it is to plan out a nursery. Here are some of my other tips & thoughts;

  • It is recommended that babies sleep on their backs & in their own bed
  • Invest in a wool under blanket, my mum taught me this
  • She taught me to pre-warm the cot with a hot water bottle too
  • When making the bed set the blankets at the bottom to remove risk that they baby will slip under the covers. So make the cot with their feet at the base rather than their head at the top
  • Buy a waterproof mattress protector. Always
  • Use your cot sheets on your bassinet
  • You need blankets for your bassinet but I don't think you need cot blankets. Bigger babies are wriggly little things - instead invest in a Woolbabe!
  • I believe in babies having a 'thing' like a teddy, blanket or a thumb - I believe it creates positive sleep association. I have three sons, two that suck their thumbs & have cuddlies & one that doesn't. You can guess which boys sleep better!

Here's to the very exciting nursery planning - have fun!

Ren. X


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