Chia Pudding Recipe

I always get nervous when thinking about what to serve up on workshop night. Truth be told - I'm not a very good cook! Helllllloooooo Hello Fresh - that service has saved my behind, time & time again. Anywho, these chia puddings were a real hit a the last workshop & what I love is they include the superfood chia seeds. These magical little seeds are an ingredient in both of our lactation bars & considered to be a food that aides breastfeeding women, for some it can boost breast milk supply & they're also a great source of calcium, fibre, fatty acids & more.

I can't take full credit for the recipe - I mostly followed along Nadia Lim's one but here it is typed out all pretty for you. These make a great on-the-go lunch or snack. Whip them up the night before & your sorted. They can be a little slimy which can take a little getting used to which is why I like to add some crunch. Report back with your favourite toppings & enjoy!

Ren. X